Kissan Agri mall Pvt Ltd is one of the fastest growing retailers in Agri input business to meet the needs of the farmers. It had introduced its own retail chain of stores under the brand name ‘Kissan Agri Mall’ as a “One stop solution platform to farmer needsthat render service form seeds to post harvest servicesthe farming community in India

Our retail stores bring to yourhigh-quality products ofwell-known international brands, popular local productsat the best value you can ever get 365 days a year.

Through this unique initiative our company not only provides Agri inputs to farmers but also business opportunity to rural youth and employment to agriculture graduates by introducing different retail formats in potential markets.

  • Complete range of agri inputs
  • Best Farm advisory service
  • Digi advisory
  • Soi tests
  • Hello “KAM”
  • Consultancy service
  • Output linkage
  • Kissan credit Card
  • Door delivery

High quality products for higher yields

We promote Organic farming,balanced nutrition, and integrated pest management practices through Kissan Agri Mall. We offer products of well-known international brands, popular local products, and own labelsat the best value you can ever get 365 days a year.This includes Organics, Fertilizer, Seeds, Speciality nutrients, Crop protection & farm equipment.

Farmers to grow and sustain

To promote Balanced nutrition,Organic farmingand integrated pest management,Kissan Agri Mall is continuously finding innovative ways to help and advicethough,we organize farmer training programs, Farm visits, Agroclinics, crop seminars, soil tests, Demonstrations, Scientist meetingswith the support of our field executives and Agri experts from reputed institutions.These models ensures that farmers are provided with the latest information regarding scientific techniques for crop cultivation.

Towards future

KAM passionate about We use different digital platforms to reach farmers to spread awareness on best agronomic practices, Output prices, Govt schemes, Cropcalendar,Weather conditions,Water availability, Agriculture stress index maps, Soil well ness and other key initiatives which help farmers.

Protecting soil health to feed future generations

In Agriculture, everything starts form soil which supports plant life as well as farmer livelihood. Knowing soil health makes big difference in cultivating healthy crops. The objective of this initiative is to spread awareness among farmers how to provide balanced nutrition to plant and how to make land fertile for growing health crops for bumper yields.

We help our farmers get the soil test done during our mobile testing camps/Agro clinic/farm visit/bring in their soil to nearest retail outlet.

Get in touch with us daily

As a one of the value-added services, this toll-free service has been established at our head office that allows farmers to resolve their queries by a simple phone call. The Hello KAM services are manned by agri-experts who are well equipped in advising farmers on scientific farming with the latest agri inputs. This service is available throughout the week between 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM. At present, Farmers across the AP & TG (Telugu speaking states) ate can avail of this service by phoning in, to resolve their queries. This service aims at providing on the spot solutions to farmers for crop management practices.

Farm Mate at your field

We are in the field of Agri Horticulture consultancy since inception of our retail business. Our experts have worked on various horticulture projects previously and are helping now fruit growers by giving advises on farm management practices on free of cost through Kissan Agri mall.Many of Banana, Orange, Citrus, Papaya, Pomo, Chilly, Tomato, Melons and Mango growers in in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana states have got benefited through our services. For free consultancy service, we request our beloved farmers to reach out our nearest retail store and can get appointment for farm visit/ virtual visit as per the available schedule.

Better Returns and Price

Collaboration with local FPOs and Contract farming in Fruits and vegetable isunder progress.

Financial Assist/ Financially Confidence

It is coming soon..

Products at your doorsteps

Any farmer who purchased bulk quantity of agri inputs can avail this service from nearby retail outlet. As per T&C of Kissan Agri Mall are applicable  for this free service.

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