As a key component of agricultural sustainability, organic fertilizer contributes greatly to improving soil fertility. The use of organic fertilizers has advantage of being cheap, improving soil structure, texture and aeration increasing the soils water retention abilities, Revitalizing the soil fertility, increasing availability of soil nutrients, and stimulating healthy crop.

So,Soil organic matter content is an indicator of soil health, and it should be minimum 5% of total soil in India.Extractive farm practices such as higher use of chemicals fertilisers, use of weedicides, burning of crop residues,cultivating high yield varieties and mono cropping pattern, India’s soilshave been degrading Indian soils since many years. Soil organic matter content in most cropland soils of India and elsewhere is often less than 5%. This leads to low and stagnating crop yields.

Kissan Agri Mall identified the gaps in agricultural practices at framer level,shortage of bulk farmyard manures, availability of healthy food ingredients in agri value chain and availability of the quality products in organic segment in India. To address the farmer needs in organic segment in India, We bring you wide range of natural Organicproducts for sustainable agriculture and to get high quality yield, which can increase the farmer’s income.

One more Closing Option of introductionEncourage organic farming for India’s future healthy generations and to get high quality yield, which can increase the farmer’s income.

Our complete line of dry fertilizer and liquid bio stimulants are 100% organic and formulated to dramatically increase soil and plant health and profitability for any professional market.

  • 100% Organic – Recommended for organic farming
  • Natural Ingredients – No chemicals added
  • For all crops – Recommended for all crops as soil application