Bio Stimulants

Bio stimulants improve the efficiency of the plant’s metabolism and increase plant tolerance to physical and biological stresses while promoting quick recovery.

Agriculture is strongly influenced by weather, climate, high yielding cultivars, Imbalanced use of plant nutrients. Thus, slowly the soils were exhausted of their nutrient and abiotic stress has been becoming a major threat to food security due to the constant changes in climate and deterioration of the environment caused by human activity. To cope with abiotic stress, plants can initiate several molecular, cellular, and physiological changes to respond and adapt to such stresses. In the process of response to abiotic stress, plants are widely losing its essential nutrients, hormones& amino acids which play crucial role in crop development and producing the quality output.

At Kissan Agri Mall, we pride ourselves in offering incomparable bio stimulants to Indian market.Our complete line of high-qualitybio stimulantsis rich in Enzymes, proteins, minerals, vitamins, plant hormones,amino acids, salicylic acid, humic acids, fulvic acids and are dramatically improving soil health, fertility, nutrients uptake, translocation, abiotic stress tolerance, crop development, flower metabolism, crop quality andstimulating plants’ natural defence systems.The Farmers in India can confidently choose our high-quality and eco-friendly bio stimulants for soil health, healthy development of plants and high-quality output.

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