Without fertilizers, the crop yields would be cut in half, and farmers around the India look to Kissan Agri mall to help keep their soils healthy, to nourish their crops and to maximize their yields. We are committed to meeting these needs of soil & farmer responsibly and providing the products of leading fertilizer companies which were well accepted by Indian farmers in fertilizer industry such as IFFCO, FACT, Zuari, KRIBCO, SPIC RCF, Nagarjuna, Coromandel, Smartchem,etc.


Our complete line of organic products is 100%organic and formulated to dramatically improve soil fertility and plant health. To Encourage organic farming for India’sfuture healthy generations and to get high quality yield.To address soil and crop concerns in  soil health management, We collaborated with IFFCO, Zuari, Nagarjuna, Spic, RCF, Coromandel, Smartchem, IOT, Omkar, Swarnabhoomi  and  Other companies to provide the high quality organic product and its variants suitable at different stages of your crop.

Pesticides are important. They help farmers grow more food on less land by protecting crops from pests, diseases and weeds as well as raising productivity per hectare. Without pesticides, more than half of our crops would be lost to pests and diseases. So, Kissan agri mall is providing the most trusted brands in Herbicides, Fungicides, Insecticides, Adjuvants, fumigants, and Bio solutions product lines to protect your crops from pests, diseases, weeds, and abiotic stress. Growing crops is the primary job to do but then protecting them with suitable chemicals is the constant one. To address crop and farmers concerns in crop protection management, We collaborated with Bayer, Syngenta, UPL, BASF, FMC, Corteva, Adama, Crystal, TATA rallis, Krishi Rasayan Agro life science, PI industries, Neon and Other companies to provide the high quality Pesticides that are suitable to your crops at different stages.

The plant requires 16 essential nutrients for their optimum growth and development. When a plant needs a certain nutrient element, it shows deficiency symptoms or hunger signs. These symptoms are nutrient specific and show different patterns in different crops for different essential nutrients. The absolute or relative absence of any of these nutrients can hamper plant growth and crop yield. Due to High yielding cultivars, Imbalanced use of plant nutrients and non-use of fortified fertilizers are some of the important causes of soil micronutrient deficiency status in India At present, Analysis of soil and plant samples has indicated that 49% of soils in India are potentially deficient in Zink (Zn), 12% in Ferrous (Fe), 5% in Manganese (Mn), 3% in Copper (Cu), 33% in Boron (B) and 11% in Molybdenum (Mo). To address crop and farmers concerns in balanced nutrition management, We collaborated with IFFCO, FACT, Zuari, KRIBCO, SPIC RCF, Nagarjuna, Coromandel, Smartchem, Supreme, ICL and other companies to provide the high quality specialty nutrients and fertigation products that are suitable to your crops at different stages for better balanced nutrition.

Seeds are the primary basis for farmers and human sustenance. Getting the quality seeds, and the delivery of high-quality seeds to farmers is necessary for ensuringgood crop yield and future of food security for future generations. Today’s farmers have big challenge in choosing the suitable seeds according to local environmental and soil conditions.There are so many seed companies out there, each offering a wide variety of hybrids and trait combinations, so choosing the right seed hybrid for your specific farm requires some very special skills. Having an intimate product knowledge of the varieties most applicable to your farm, an understanding of your yield goals, local environmental and soil conditionshelp us deliver top-yielding results.

We collaborated with Kaveri, Nuziveedu, UPL, Rassi, Crystal, Bayer, Maycho, Monsanto, Vijayadurgaand other companies to provide the high-quality seeds to our valued customer.


Technology has changed the face of Farming across world and India. With every new farm equipment and agricultural sprayers, Job of the Farmer gets more comfortable as the labour work gets reduced due to the machinery. Sprayers, mulching sheets and other farm equipment are one of them that helps farmers to protect their crops. Growing crops is the primary job to do but then protecting them is the constant one. Various farm equipment is available in the market, with each device comes with its purpose. Understanding and selecting the different sprayer & farm equipment model and their characteristics can help you select the best sprayer or farm equipment. We collaborated with Crystal, Kissan craft, Honda, TAFE and other companies to provide the high-quality farm implements to our valued customers.

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